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Boats Of Mithridates Logo by el-Jimmeister Boats Of Mithridates Logo by el-Jimmeister
The band logo for the fictional death metal band, Böats of Mithridates, seen in the My Immortal parody My Metal. (Yeah, the logo does look like a boat.)

Böats of Mithridates is a (fictional) death metal band from Hogwarts, with members Rainblood Öystein Cross Vülture-White on lead guitar, Ignacïo 'Guillotine' Csihar on drums, Chö 'Lïng Chï' Chang as screaming and lead vocals, Erzebeth 'Blööd Eagle' Gränger on rhythm guitar, Ron Garrøtë Weasley on bass, and Hagrid 'Bräzënbüll' on keyboards.

The band is known (in the My Metal universe, anyway) for their mostly violent yet surprisingly satirical and profound lyrics, and their equally violent and highly symbolical album covers which are illustrated by White himself, whose style draws inspiration from Vincent Locke, the artist of the notoriously gory album covers for real-life death metal band Cannibal Corpse. Musically, they primarily draw influence from real-life death metal bands Scaphism and Scaphist.

The band's name is derived from scaphism, also known as "the boats", a protracted and torturous Persian method of execution, where the victim is to be placed inside two boats, force-fed milk and honey that will cause diarrhea, which in turn will attract insects that will feed on his increasingly gangrenous flesh. Mithridates, a soldier, is one of its victims. He lasted for 17 excruciating days.

As of now, the band has released three EPs, seven singles and one album. They are on temporary hiatus because of tensions between Chang and White.

Read My Metal here: [link]

Check out the (not so well-known) band Scaphism here: [link] (Warning: gory/possibly violent site background, but it's not realistically depicted... I think.)
Check out the (also not that well-known) band Scaphist here: [link] (SFW)

Discalimer: I am not a member of any of these bands, although it would be awesome if I was/am.
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