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The Church is Too Obsessed Stamp - REQUESTED by el-Jimmeistertaking stamp requests stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz
I will still accept stamp requests from now on, but NO MORE messages related to abortion, same-sex marriage/LGBTQ issues, and contraception. dA has had too much of these stamps that they are starting to lose their novelty. This will be my last stamp about the three aforementioned issues, and I will make no more of those.

My stances on the three issues anyway, if you're wondering.
Abortion - Mostly deplorable, but okay if the pregnancy is a health hazard to the mother or the mother is impregnated by a rapist or if the father chooses not to take responsibility for the baby and the mother has no other means to take care of the baby.
LGBTQ issues - I support gay rights. Therefore, it follows that I also support same sex marriage.
Contraception - okay.

For confidential requests, note me, and I will not mention you as the requester. Otherwise, any stamp request is considered public. Furthermore, please specify the color/s and font/s I will use for the stamp. This is a one-time deal for every stamp, so once I have uploaded the stamp, no more changes may be made to it. Also, I DO NOT make epilepsy/overly-flashy stamps.

YES, I accept art requests, but don't expect them to come up immediately.


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I will also not be able to reply to comments right away, because it is time-consuming to plow through hundreds of responses to my work, which I highly appreciate, though :), and I make sure to think of everything I say so that I can give in-depth replies to your comments.

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Well, I have actually been doing a lot of writing lately when I am not at work, especially for Set Me Free. In a few years, I plan to send the manuscript to actual publisher/s and hope for the best. Anyway, coughedfeathers came up with the brilliant idea to have a calendar that lists all OCs and their birthdays. It helps a lot when it comes to organizing chronologies and timelines in all my fics. I'l do the same thing. Yeah.

Here goes. The list will be updated as I remember more of my OCs or decide on new birthdays for them.

Some of these birthdays would likely contradict with dates mentioned in previous memes about these characters, but my rule of thumb is that the latest is the correct one as of the moment. That also includes inconsistencies in name spellings and backstories. I guess you could say I am actually giving my readers free access to some older drafts of my work.


-13, 2815/SD 729 - Irma Thyms, Image. Ymmyj's mother. A wealthy jeweler and merchant. She is gifted with a strong ability to read the runological auras that emanate from a person.
-20, 1992 - Jay Miller, Set Me Free. High school jock. Closeted gay man. Justice's ex-boyfriend who had to end their relationship because of his homophobic parents.


-9, 1981 - Benjamin Hayes, Set Me Free. Rock star who fell from grace after being framed by Aleksandr as a sex trafficker and pedophile. Loosely based on Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold and Ian Watkins, formerly of Lostprophets. Unlike Watkins, though, isn't actually a pedophile. Went on to search for his disappeared wife for seven years.
-21, 1985 - Anna Simonova, Set Me Free. She's one of the therapists who helped Zachary cope with the trauma from being a sex slave. Is also a former sex slave herself. She doesn't know Zachary's real backstory though; what she knew was that he's a gay teenager who escaped his homophobic parents, similar to Jay. Zachary fell in love with her in the process of his therapy,  but he understood that he could never have her.


-1, 1994 - Justin Bleber, One Less Lonely Gurl. Pop star who discovered Atlantis and goes there to escape the paparazzi. Not the same person as Justin Bieber.
-2, 1994 - C'ren Amethyst LeHeart Bleber/Kataryna Simovitch, One Less Lonely Gurl/Plankton's Eye View/Set Me Free. She's the Mary Sue protagonist villain in One Less Lonely Gurl, her dream. In reality, is one of Aleksandr's first few victims.
-19, 2110 - Slave A-1731/Gabriel, Men of No Color - Norwegian slave boy who is in the Empress-Queen of Afghanistan's harem in a parallel version of Earth. His chosen name, Gabriel, is based off of Gabriela Silang, the namesake of a feminist/gender equality group in real-life Philippines when an artifact of Philippine history from real-life Earth crossed over to this dimension. He took on the name 'Gabriel' when he learned about how women, especially those from Afghanistan, were treated the way he is being treated now in this parallel of his reality.


-7, 1982 - Makayla Hayes, Set Me Free. Benjamin's estranged wife who cheated on him with 'Jake Ronan' because of a lack of affection from her husband. Her being found seven years after her disappearance would lead to the downfall of the Saoirse trafficking ring.
-10, 1975 - Landon Kyle Tanner, Set Me Free. Ne'er-do-well and drifter who was recruited into the Saoirse sex trafficking ring who eventually rose to become the Chief Executive Assistant. Became a big brother and mentor to Aleksandr in the ways of the sex trafficking industry. Loosely based off of 'Landon', Jake Tanner's fictional older brother in the Naruto Veangance Revelaitons multiverse. 'Kyle' is supposedly Jake's dad.
-25, 1992 - Justice Alden-Smithson/Grace D. Smithson, Set Me Free. Zachary's husband. DJ who incorporates elements of progressive metal in his EDM tracks. Often has gigs in gay bars. Supplanted the role of Grace D. Smithson, who was based off of Joanna, my ex-girlfriend.


-9, 1920 - Henrietta Bennett, Set Me Free. Old woman who took Zachary in, and treated him as the son she never had. Is a badass who could still hold her own, and was a veteran in the Second World War as a medic who enlisted in order to avenge her physically-inept husband who was forcibly drafted into the military and was killed on his first foray into battle. She didn't have children because she turned out to be barren, and she lived most of her life alone. Of course, Zachary thought that she would sexually abuse him as well.
-10, 1991 - Melissa Mordred, Set Me Free. Porn star who raped Zachary countless times, and ironically, was Zachary's favorite porn star. Is the only woman who is in a position of authority in Aleksandr's sex trafficking ring as the Head Madam, the privilege given to her as a reward for being the 'perfect woman' according to the misogynistic ideals of the trafficking ring. Also acts as Aleksandr's designated girlfriend who would bear the potential next heir to the trafficking ring. Loosely based off of Malena Morgan in name and Christy Mack in appearance.
-22, 2816/SD 730 - Bella Eleana Nox, Image. Albel Nox's mother in my headcanon. Her first name is an anagram of Albel.


-1, 1996/1980 - Gibbet Araya/Louis Horan, My Metal. Rainblood's best friend, a Muggleborn American. Counterpart to Willow.
-6, 1996/1980, at 6pm - Rainblood Oystein Cross Vulture White/Chantal Smythe/Lee Dong Hae, My Metal. The awesomest heavy metal counterpart to Ebony Way. [Year varies depending on which timeline is to be followed, if it is My Immortal's canon or Harry Potter's. Yep. My Immortal is now its own canon, taking place in a twisted time loop caused by Ebony's time travel mission to seduce Voldemort.] His chosen last name is a shoutout both to Alissa White-Gluz and Carrie White.
-22, 2105 - Zick Eleshwer, Men of No Color. Earthian space explorer who had the misfortune of crash-landing his ship on planet inhabited by a highly-developed, female-dominated society where men are nothing more than pleasure-slaves. He once held a reputation among the space crew as a prolific womanizer. It took me some time to decide whether it should be a woman crash-landing into a man's world or vice versa. I settled on the latter. Yep, another story from my April Fool's journal is gonna be real.


-21, 1983 - Edgar Snow, Set Me Free. Computer hacker and activist who would help Benjamin Hayes gain access to the Deep Web where his wife was being sold into slavery.
-30, 1989 - Aleksandr Antonov Saoirse/Jonathan Bradley/Jake Ronan, Set Me Free. Heir to one of the world's largest sex trafficking rings. Zachary's first lover who introduced himself as Jonathan Bradley, a starving artist who was stuck at a dead-end call center job. Also the same guy who introduced himself to Makayla as Jake Ronan.


-10, 1985 - Jamie Schmidt, Solitude/Set Me Free. Highly-successful architect who never had a lover since he was born, and thus suffers some insecurity from that. Yep, that would mean he's never been kissed, and his hands were never held as well. He would be involved in an important project that would forever change the life of a washed-up rock star who relapsed into drugs again. And he would fall in love with said washed-up rock star. Later becomes Zachary's mentor and professor when the latter re-enrolls in university to finally complete his architecture degree.
-24, 1990 - LeAnn Gomes, Set Me Free. Zachary's abusive ex-girlfriend whom he met after escaping the sex trafficking ring and before he met Justice. Zachary went to a bar to drink his ass off when he tried to drown out the recurring, endless thoughts of Jonathan/Aleksandr even after his rescue and fleeting infatuation for Anna and he tried to use LeAnn as a rebound to shake off the feelings he still harbored towards Jonathan/Aleksandr. She suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, and her fear of abandonment caused her to be very possessive of Zack.


-2, 1989 - Dazz, Set Me Free. DJ who discovered Justice and propelled him to stardom.
-3, 1992 - Zachary Alden-Smithson, Set Me Free. Filipino-American architecture student from Berkeley, California who got abducted by Aleksandr and ended up becoming a [male] sex slave. Fortunately, he made it out alive.


-20, 2815/SD 729 - Gilderoy Thyms, Image. Ymmyj's father. A wealthy jeweler and merchant. Is somehow skeptical of the existence of gods, but still prays anyway.
-27, 2835/SD 749 - Lemeena Ingrefald, Image. Bully who made Ymmyj feel insecure about himself in runology school. The quintessential alpha bitch, but would later help Fayt and the others in their journey through her exceptional skill in potion-making.


-3, 2837/SD 751 - Semaj Thornton/Ymmyj Thyms, Image. [In Elicoor II, the ninth month of the year is equivalent to November on Earth. At least in my headcanon.] Bounty hunter and eskrima warrior. Although born and raised in a life of luxury, he preferred to live a carefree, adventurous life. Quit school because of bullying and his body image insecurities. He would then become Albel Nox's husband and be one of the two fathers of Elicoor II's first genetically-engineered boy. Of course, he is a blatant self-insert and Gary Stu I made when I was a 13-year-old boy coming to terms with his bisexuality.
-14, 1980/1996 - Gwendolyn 'Wendy' de los Santos/Alicia Goode, My Metal/Set Me Free. [She was born in 1996 in Set Me Free] Young woman who was serially raped by various men and became unable to find true love until she met Rainblood White and eventually married him. Based off of Wendy, the protagonist damsel-in-distress of Gapang. She was conceived through her mother, who is a prostitute by the way, having sex with an unknown client on a lonely Valentine's Day. She also makes a cameo in Set Me Free as a diversion from the universe of My Metal where she had instead been roped in by a 'dance instructor' who works for Aleksandr when she escaped to the States to run away from her abusive uncle, Alfred and start over as a different person. Yep, Set Me Free's universe is a nonmagical parallel universe to My Metal's.
-20, 1983 - Kevin Smithson, Set Me Free. Zachary's older brother.
-26, 2810/SD 724 - Affable Hector, Image. Father figure to Ymmyj who trained him further in the art of two-stick combat/eskrima/kali/arnis.


-15, 1983 - Roland Radek, Solitude. Washed-up rock star who fell into drug addiction again after an uphill battle to stay sober. Later becomes Jamie Schmidt's lover. Not the same person as Ronald 'Ronnie' Radke.
-16, 1955/1971 - Alfred 'Freddy' de los Santos, My Metal/Set Me Free. Gwendolyn's abusive uncle who actually has connections with the Saoirse sex trafficking ring. Based off of Freddy from Gapang, and named after a bully from high school.

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